The Treehugging Outdoorsman

My Nalgene RIP

I will write this only because I felt such a great loss when I lost my first Nalgene water bottle. Yes, I am that sentimental. Every campers in our block (or in our country) that when it comes to water bottles, Nalgene is the most trusted. The bright-colored, 1-litre wide-mouth, polycarbonated bottle are shatter-proof and said to be indestructible. it doesn’t break easily in sub-freezing conditions, it is even microwaveable! The materials used in Nalgene resist stains or absorbing odors. If you put a boiling water in it, it will not break or anything.

Imagine my dismay and sadness upon learning I left it in the bus. It was as if I lost an important document or a pet has just died on me. I swear it was a heartbreaking moment for me because that Nalgene has been with me for years now. Whenever I go hiking and climbing minor or major mountains, it is there clipped on my backpack, always to be trusted never to break. It may have its share of scratches but it it only proves that it has been to places and used well. It will be surely missed.