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Holy Walks
February 10, 2008, 8:29 pm
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As with compliance to our religious activities, I hauled my sleepy brain and tired body out of the bed before I changed my mind, to accompany Dad, Uncle and a bunch of cousins into hiking all the way up to a mountain to pray for the gods of heaven. I am not mocking my families’ belief or whatever, I’m mocking the fact that I have to wake up so early on a vacation. Vacation! I don’t mind doing it on any other day, everyone knows I love hiking and climbing mountains. Blood was calling and so blood has answered with a lot of complaining on the side.

It was a beautiful day, mind you, to climb. The sun was shining prettily down on us, a bit chilly so I was holding real tight on my layer of clothing. We started walking at around 8 in the morning and was expected to be at the summit after less than two hours (it wasn’t that high a mountain in fairness) but since there’s a bunch of us making our way up there, you can’t really blame if it halts us. And that is exactly what happened. I was huffing and puffing and catching my breath every so often, only had the summit idea to keep me walking forward.



Living up to its name (Yoho means magnificent in Cree word), Yoho National Park in the British Columbia rockies is one destination that one shouldn’t miss in their lifetime. In a recent trip in this national treasure, I’ve never seen such a spectacular scenery such as the mountains coated with glacial ice, emerald clear water, magnificient waterfalls and a lake surrounded by wildflower meadows. True enough, mountaineers, hikers and campers like me can’t find enough superlative words to describe the beauty we are witnessing upon seeing the park.

Upon arrival, I immediately scanned the maps and guidebooks the park is offering, talked and asked the staff members of the best thing to do and how to do it. Accomodation is easy enough as lodges can be found nearby. I took first the path trail between Lakes O’Hara and Oesa because it is said to be the most popular and has the prettiest scenery although on peak seasons can be quite as busy.

Why Backpack?
March 5, 2007, 2:36 am
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backpackingMany says that backpacking is a god way in getting in touch with Mother Nature, others do it for the sheer thought of getting in control with your life for some days, a stress reliever, a dream, an adrenaline rush or something you just want and decided for yourself. Whatever may be the reason, it must be something strong and significant enough for a person to leave the comfort of his house, his car, tv and other personal comforts to go in some foreign places, mountain or forest lugging around a rucksack to depend your life on in the next few days.

Finding simple joy in seeing squirrels crossing the street, fishes peacefully swimming their life away, being far away from city traffic and our boss’ voices allow us some time to think freely, sorting our emotions to find ourselves solving our personal problems. Whatever may be the case and the purpose of doing it, you can’t deny that after each trips you realize that you actually are connecting to that place and that place makes a certain impact in your life without knowing and expecting.