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Trip Down Memory Lane
September 5, 2008, 9:05 pm
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As I was dusting away the hardened soil of my hiking boots, I was suddenly filled with memories on how I got this ever reliable pair. I knew that I can never rely on anyone to buy me a decent hiking shoes no matter how much I’ve been hinting over the years of being given a hiking a shoes to replace the sandals (and the borrowing too). Yes, I have been borrowing shoes whenever the climb would need a hiking shoes and definitely no sandals are allowed.

Like a proper backpack, I’ve been saving for some time now for a proper shoes and when I saw it on a mall one night as my friend and I are lazily making the rounds, I knew I have to buy myself or else I would never forgive myself for taking advantage of the discount. A discounted shoes. I have a problem with money since I pay a lot of stuff and not all my money go straight to my whims (mostly to traveling). It was so funny because I don’t have much money left in my card so my friend decided to put it in her card first, then I will pay her on our payday. Worked just fine. Now it’s here on my hand, getting an ultimate cleaning.