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Camping At The Glacier National Park
September 21, 2007, 9:57 pm
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Glacier National ParkCamping in Glacier National Park can be very cold, close to freezing even! I had a hard time adjusting at first but eventually it all boils down to layering of clothes. It is because of the geographical location and elevation of our campground. Man, this is Rocky Mountain experience we’re speaking. Upon reading the camping guidelines, I found out that camping sites are permitted only in designated locations. Overflow or roadside campings are not allowed and there are actually limits on how many people can camp in one place. Neat.

The campsite’s pretty much okay as they provide drinking water and clean restrooms for everone, with flush toilets that actually works. One thing that I really found interesting in this camping is the collection of firewoods to be used in cooking. It was a cool experience, kinda like having the real outdoor thing, in none other than the Glacier National Park.