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Tree Planting? Done!
July 9, 2007, 9:25 pm
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seedlingI can still clearly remember when my Biology teacher told our class that there are only 3 things a man must do in order to tell that he has already lived his life completely. First is siring a son, second is writing a novel and the third one, being the simplest, is planting a tree. If he has done all these three stuffs, then that man is complete and has nothing more to ask in his life for he has already lived a good life.

So while we ponder that new ideas, I mentally noted that out of three, I’ve only done one thing. Obviously, it involves planting a tree. I’m not sure how many trees I have planted already and I’m not sure either if all of them lived to see the light of day. All I’m saying is, when it comes to tree planting section, I am not the one to be missing out. Even at early age, I’ve already been exposed and encouraged by my folks in this green stuff, add all the camps I went into and we’ll be talking more a lot greenies. Can’t hiking replace writing a novel instead? Just an idea. Ha!


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