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Heading To The Lake
July 27, 2007, 10:13 pm
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Yesterday, me and friends went to the lake to test the water, see if it’s cold enough to keep us refreshed but not cold enough to kill us. I swear, the heat is insane. I bet everyone in the block’s also finding ways to cool themselves. Going to the mall is always a bummer with so many skateboard kids and giggling girls that giggles too much for some unknown reason it gets really annoying. We were glad to know that upon closer inspection, we found that we got the place all to ourselves. Tres cool! So we threw in our bags with all the chips inside into the ground and head over to the water one by one, trying to outdone one another in making bigger splashes in the water.

Of course, Jack will always have the best somersault in water that not any os us can ever do. It’s so cool I wish we can also learn it but i’ve have too many hard hits in the water my back will kill me if I try another. Oh well, some kids are really born to do some stuffs. We did some more water jumps until our feet, backs and tummies can’t take it anymore and then proceeded in chomping down the chips everyone brought. What a nice way to cool off the Saturday.


Tree Planting? Done!
July 9, 2007, 9:25 pm
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seedlingI can still clearly remember when my Biology teacher told our class that there are only 3 things a man must do in order to tell that he has already lived his life completely. First is siring a son, second is writing a novel and the third one, being the simplest, is planting a tree. If he has done all these three stuffs, then that man is complete and has nothing more to ask in his life for he has already lived a good life.

So while we ponder that new ideas, I mentally noted that out of three, I’ve only done one thing. Obviously, it involves planting a tree. I’m not sure how many trees I have planted already and I’m not sure either if all of them lived to see the light of day. All I’m saying is, when it comes to tree planting section, I am not the one to be missing out. Even at early age, I’ve already been exposed and encouraged by my folks in this green stuff, add all the camps I went into and we’ll be talking more a lot greenies. Can’t hiking replace writing a novel instead? Just an idea. Ha!