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Glacier National Park
May 28, 2007, 10:14 pm
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I’ve never seen glaciers so close. And boy were they amazing? As part of our Montana weeklong summer vacation, Dad also took us to this huge park where we can see amazing glaciers. There are also mountains and valleys on the park, there’s also streams and lakes inside the park. Did you know that these glaciers have been formed thousands of years ago? A glacier is formed when snow melts in the summer and accumulates into layers. Since the bottom layer of the ice becomes flexible it therefore allows the glacier to move.

The guide said that the glacier before were bigger than what we have now. It must be because of all the gas emissions in the air and the general global warming we’ve been hearing everywhere. The park is also home to some great wildlifes including black and grizzly bears (gasp!), moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats and mule deer. I saw a mountain goat happily chewing in his spot under a big tree. I didn’t see any grizzlies and anyway I’m not sure how to react if I ever see one as they can be really dangerous but perhaps seeing one would be very cool indeed.


Montana Summer
May 16, 2007, 9:21 pm
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I can still vaguely remember the time when my mom and dad decided to educate us, albeit vaguely, about the West through a week-long vacation somewhere in Montana where there’s a mighty view of the majestic mountains whenever you lookout the window. It was the longest ride we’ve all ever had because Dad insisted that if might be better to drive through the countries than just flying in to Montana. It was fun for the most part, if not deadly boring because there’s not much to see out there, just a long road of fields.

But when we arrive in Elkhorn where we will be staying the rest of the week, I think I instantly fell in love with the place. It is a place surrounded by acres and acres of National Forest, which according to the guy with the cool hat includes marked trails and roads that are accessible by foot, 4×4’s or horses. Looks really fun. The following day we went to this historic mining ruins and a ghost town that’s kinda creepy and cool at the same time.