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Birdwatching Gear
April 22, 2007, 10:39 pm
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binocularsIf you’ve only just begun birding, you don’t really need much except your keen eyes. A binoculars would be very helpful though in identifying different species of birds. It’s a must in identifying small characteristics of birds and having binoculars will help make the observations easier. A compact, lightweight and waterproof models can be very valuable to every birders. A digital camera with a zoom capability can be very helpful too in capturing observations for identification purposes. At least you can take it home and from there, you can take notes about it from your desktop.

Which brings me to the next thing you’ll need in birdwatching: Journal. It is an essential for every birders as every observations found will be noted in here. The bird’s habitat, behavior, voice and other important facts you’ll need to help identify the species of bird. this is where you’ll constantly put your checklist of different species to serve and guide as your comprehensive life list. The outfit will also follow, although anything can be worn, don’t forget your hiking boots as some trips might lead you in marshes or areas with wet or damp climates.


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Reading made me realize how i miss birding. Thanks for the tips!

Comment by Colleen Dyer

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