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The California Museum

I love going to the museums. Modern, natural, boring, fun, everything in between museum, name it, I’ll surely go for it anytime of the day. I like the silence and the brooding atmosphere in museums. One Tuesday afternoon I decided to go in the California Museum for History, Women and the Arts and and boy was I surprised to find out that I practicaly have the place by myself. It was so much fun plus I can take pictures, just no flash, and wander for as long as I wanted.

It showcases the history of California from a variety of perspectives. California Hall of Fame is neat place for all the inspirational heroes and artifacts. In here you can see Clint Eastwood’s 4 Oscars, Hewlett Packard set up shop that helped give birth to Silicon Valley, a racket that Billie Jean King used when she won Wimbledon and a lot more. There’s also the oral histories and documentaries of emigrants from other states and countries to California including Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants. All in all, it was a pleasant and educational trip for me.


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Here’s another addition to my list of places to visit when i’m in California.

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