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Camp Memories
April 13, 2007, 11:52 pm
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No matter how dorky it may sound when we were in middle school, our annual camps are one of the activities I enjoyed the most. i look forward in getting away from the city hustle and bustle and just lounging around in our campsite, temporarily taking home in log cabins (if there are any) or tents if there none. Either way it’s fun. I only have the best memory of singing campfire songs with my friends or new people that I meet over the camp. Camp Instructor never run out of ideas to keep us in the move whether it means planting those seedlings near the lake, a short hike into the woods and letting us identify most of the plants and animals or birds that we see.

My favorite part of the camp though will always involve water activities and dinner time! Because during dinners, we always eat outside the cabin with all other campers from other groups. We cook over the fires and make up silly songs with weird themes that ranges from boys to algae! Since I wasn’t that athletic when I was young, pretty much of the sports activities I participate only reveals how much I suck at it. Good thing it didn’t stay that way for long!


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