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April 12, 2007, 8:36 pm
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I should be outside, riding a bike, running around, getting soiled and dirty. Instead, I am stuck in the house with only thoughts of the lake we were suppose to swim in the afternoon. Why? Because it has been raining nonstop in this side of the world that any sign of life outside is now impossible to imagine. Okay, I probably am exaggerating but being held up inside the house is getting into my nerves right now. It might be acceptable if this happened like two or maximum of three days. But 6 continuous day of constant pouring rain is making everyone’s spirits soggy too.

So of course, with nothing else to choose from, I had to improvise. Gotta keep the siblings busy too because they can get really cranky and cranky kids are never a good sign. Seriously you don’t wanna get stuck with kids who could also be having baseball clinics in the ballpark. I long to see the sun shining again so I can slip into my sneakers, don my helmet and ride my blues away. A dip in the lake would also help improving my sodden moods.


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I’m dying to take a vacation. After reading this, i’m asking my boss, whether he likes it or not.

Comment by Miranda Wells

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