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A Walk In The Park
April 9, 2007, 9:55 pm
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With a landmass as big as America, one will never ran out of places to stroll, walk or jog. With almost a thousand parks, where most of them are considered to be national treasures, green spaces will always be waiting for us to come and make use of them. Please, let us not limit our activities (with ourselves or with children and families) to just feeding giraffes in cages and admiring the cuteness of newborn cubs. They’re good while they last, but a walk in a park will open our eyes to explore more about our nature.

Apart from saving as to mental fatigue (that we usually get from city living), natural environments stimulates a restful and calmer personality. If we spend the majority of our days strolling in stores and restaurants and inhaling car fumes, we don’t really increase our chance of staying in this world at all. My granny used to tell me and my cousins to “get off our fat asses and ran around the barn, the mini-forest near our backyard to get a fresh breather. It makes sense when you think about it, don’t you?


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