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Planning A Day Trip
April 6, 2007, 10:12 pm
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Do not ever limit your outdoor activities to just hanging out at the local pool area, backyard barbecues (or backyard camping) or worse a game of catch in the park. There are tons of activities that can be done with a little use of imagination. Just go get a map. If you don’t like traveling far from your area, then map out the farthest you can go (i.e. a beach 15-20 kilometre from your place). Decide what you would like to do for that day (or weekend, depends on how long you really want to stay) and of course, who you’re coming with. After you’re done picking out an activity to stick to, take the next level.

Plan what you will bring. Will you go hiking? backpack and food supplements. Beach? Get your tote bag and put in your bikinis (if you’re net already wearing it) and sunscreen lotion and some carrots to munch to (of course, CARROTS will not be the only food in your bag). Trailbiking? Then go get your bike in the garage and try it first just so you know it’s still in working condition and not falling apart. Find where you hid your helmet and elbow pads and the likes. Do not forget to bring water! Dayouts need not be expensive and glamorous always as there are alternative ways to escape boredom without traveling 25 kilometres or so from your place.


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