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Palau Getaway

PalauWhile Palau for most people will be forever remembered as a Survivor setting, my memory of Palau will always involve those great stingless jellyfishes said to be found in Jellyfish Lake and the countless gorgeous beaches that make up the island country. Aside from being a top snorkeling and diving spot, Palau also boasts of other must-see sights such as the colection of rounded limestone in Rock Islands, submerged relics and ruins left by Japanese during the World War II ocupation of the islands.

Palau is an archipelago of almost 400 islands somewhere in the South Pacific where 90% of the population live in Koror, where tourists also usually stay. Palau is an underwater paradise for divers and sea lovers alike. Aside from colorful fishes and lively corals, there are also clams that abound just offshore some resorts and is often source of amusement to travelers during low tides.


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