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Camping Food
April 3, 2007, 11:44 pm
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Our camping food can greatly vary from easy-to-cook foods such as those that only need hot water to more complicated stuff such as an open-fire cooking of steak and baked potato dinner. It shouldn’t be limited only to packed dinners, fruit, cereals or even granola bars. Besides what kind of food you will bring depends on the type of camping trip you’re taking, personal preference and the amount you can carry.

For breakfast, you can have one of those lightweight cereals or porridge. Just throw in some fruits for (if available) for more flavor. For lunch, you can have sandwiches with cheeses that don’t necessarily need refrigeration and also a small pack of meat like pepperoni or salami. Try to bring the easy-squeeze packs of chicken spreads or mayo to make it even better. As for dinner, it is usually the time where you can be more creative with your food. Rice could be serve or noodles perhaps along with a can of beef chunks or other canned foods. A soup on the side sometimes do the trick of having a full and complete meal.


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