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No Seven Summit For Me, Thank You Very Much
March 27, 2007, 10:16 pm
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Being an avid fan of outdoor activities and engaging in some minor climbings, water raftings and discovering places, I wonder how come the though of conquering any of the Seven Summits never occurred to me. It’s a challenge that I don’t have plans of achieving. Maybe, given the chance I can go climb the easiest mountain but that still remains a mystery. I was reading people’s blogs and articles earlier and I couldn’t help but admire the efforts they are putting into climbing all Seven. My god, seven! Kilimanjaro, Vinson Massif, Kosciuszko, Everest, Elbrus, Denali and Aconcagua.

The hard works, money and enough will and drive to push is enough to admire these people. What’s with the altitude that pulls every mountain climber into conquering mountains after mountains and ultimately leading to these sacred mountains. I believe that more than a test of physical strength, this task is also a test of strength of character. Will you go farther even if you’re body’s screaming against it? I only have admirations for them.


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